Trainee( Freshers ) - BA/BDE - Madurai

Company: Trioangle Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd
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Location: Madurai, India
Employer Email: *********@*******.com (View email)
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  • • Job Overview: We are looking for a resilient, empathic executive to contribute to the growth of our company. Business development executives are responsible for finding and retaining clients, encouraging extant clients to purchase added products or features, and remaining abreast of changes in consumption. You will also be required to build capacity in staff through regular training and mentorship. To be successful as a business development executive, you should attend networking events to attract and retain clientele. Ultimately, an outstanding business development executive will keep a close eye on clients' feedback to ensure that our products and services always exceed expectations.


  • • Responsibility & Duties: Growing business through the development of new leads and new contacts. Identifying new revenue opportunities. Building business relationships with current and potential clients. Developing and executing sales and marketing strategies to grow business. Maintaining and updating sales, marketing, and business development documentation. Assisting with marketing and promotional projects.


  • • Health insurance
  • • Provident fund
  • • Paid sick time

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: INR 100,000.00 - 120,000.00 Yearly
Positions available: 5

Minimal experience: No experience
Gender: Indistinct

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