General Manager, The Fern, Goregaon, Mumbai - Mumbai

Job Title: General Manager, The Fern, Goregaon, Mumbai
Company: The Fern Hotels
Country: India
State: Maharashtra
State/City: Mumbai
ID: 122789168
Publication Date: 11/01/2018
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Job Description: General Manager, The Fern, Goregaon, Mumbai

Company: The Fern Hotels

F&B back ground with 12-15 yrs. of experience will be preferred.

•    Shall be overlooking the Hotel's operations and ensure effective and efficient utilization of resources with feedback from guests and complete customer satisfaction.
•    Should be an excellent Leader and have the ability to drive a Team.
•    Should be Enthusiastic & Energetic.
•    Should be thorough in Corporate Sales and have knowledge of the Leisure market.
•    Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements.
•    Accountable to achieve revenue & GOP targets.
•     Accountable for total image of unit within group philosophy.
•    Development of, and getting results through the team.
•    Accountable for translating and implementing Divisional Policies in the unit.
•    To ensure congenial atmosphere in which employees can perform to the best of their ability.
•    To successfully apply in-house marketing for the operations product in order to maximize achievement of profitability Targets.
•    Ability to exceed the Owner's expectation.
•    To maintain the Brand Standard of the Hotel.
•    To maintain the Green environment friendly initiatives.
•    The Ability to lead from the Front.

Job Location : Goregaon, Mumbai

Salary: 150000
Work Day: Full Time

Employment type: Permanent Job

Age requirements:
Minimal experience: No experience

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General Manager, The Fern, Goregaon, Mumbai
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