F And B Manager, Howard Plaza The Fern, Agra - Agra

Job Title: F And B Manager, Howard Plaza The Fern, Agra
Company: The Fern Hotels
Country: India
State/City: Agra
ID: 122789167
Publication Date: 11/01/2018
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Job Description: F And B Manager, Howard Plaza The Fern, Agra

Company: The Fern Hotels

To sell available and lettable space in banquets with a view to optimize revenue and render food & beverages service to guests using the Banqueting facilities . To assist the patrons in proper preparation and effective programming of the functions planned
Established Duties
To abide by the Mission statement.To follow the values and rules of the hotel.To organize, develop ,operate and administer the department and its personnel as also to follow up on methods, systems and controls setup by the top managementTo maintain the social Functions History Card records and also to maintain records on prospective clientsTo repeat business calls on important hotel and banquets clientsTo develop banquets sales through personal contacts
To improve upon existing banquets menus for tea, snacks, cocktails, formal sit down lunch and
Eco and control Responsibilities
To follow energy conservation methods.To follow three bin rule religiously for recycling of paper.To follow water conservation methods.To follow and educate eco- methods to other fellow friends and acquaintances.To follow the Ecotel Manual.
Job Location Agra

Salary: 38000
Work Day: Full Time

Employment type: Permanent Job

Age requirements:
Minimal experience: No experience

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F And B Manager, Howard Plaza The Fern, Agra
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