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Company: T & A Hr Solutions
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Location: Mohali, India
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Designation - full stack developer

location - mohali (currently work from home)

salary - hike on ctc

experience 4 to 10 years

responsibilities and duties :

- as a full stack developer in our team, you will be responsible for providing complete end to

end development and deployment solution.

- one of the primary responsibilities will be to develop scalable applications including front-

end, back-end and database management.

- hosting the application on the cloud using aws/google cloud or any other web deployment

platform and monitoring the servers in order to ensure zero downtime.

- able to transform the client\'s custom requirements into coding logic.

- writing back-end and front-end codes to support the company\'s requirements.

- writing new mysql and mongodb queries and optimizing existing queries for better


- scaling the application in case of increased traffic and app usage.

- writing and testing new code along with the ability to debug and maintain the existing code.

- ability to learn new technology in a really quick time.

- deployment of solutions to handle large scale traffic

required experience, skills and qualifications:

minimum 4-year experience working in software development industry.

minimum 2-year experience in one of front end technologies like angularjs or react.

minimum 3-year experience in working with node.js

3 years+ experience in databases majorly mysql and mongodb

strong hold in query optimisations.

hands on experience in devops for deploying and monitoring the web applications.

strong foundation in data structures and algorithms.

having basic understand of machine learning will be a plus.

- front end skills angular/react, html, css, javascript.

- back end skills - node.js

- database - mysql (must), mongodb/postgresql (good to have), redis (good to have)

- operating system - linux

- versioning system - git

- project management - jira, scrum & agile methodology

- other good to have skills - aws-ec2, aws-rds, kubernetes.

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable
Positions available: 1

Minimal experience: No experience
Gender: Indistinct

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